Only One Spirit To Follow

Peace, says the young Believer, while there is no peace in his heart,
And when he's in a throng of True Believers, he only wants to depart.

If you're walking with The Lord, peace and joy will fill your heart,
But Satan attacks a half-hearted Christian and tears his peace apart.

Satan like a hungry lion, stalks Christians who question why believe,
He fills them with questions and doubts as he continues to deceive.

God sends only one Spirit that will fill you with security and peace,
But Satan uses many spirits to fill you with uncertainty and deceit.

God starts by sending The Holy Spirit to lead one to truly believe,
Satan follows to snatch The Truth with taunting spirits to deceive.

God then sends The Holy Spirit with submission to help you to abide,
Satan quickly whispers independence, to begin filling you with pride.

God sends The Holy Spirit with contentment to say I know your need,
Satan quickly sows some discontentment to fill your heart with greed.

God sends The Holy Spirit with gentleness to show you how to be meek,
Satan quickly lies and says The Truth will simply make you look weak.

Satan turns you from The Lord to fill you with the world's mystique.
This deception will continue until its The Lord you desire to seek,

God sent His Son Jesus to fill you with peace throughout your days,
But my dear friend a double-minded man is unstable in all his ways,

(Copyright © 03/2003)

by Bob Gotti

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Thanks for sharing all your thoughts. 'Satan hungry like a lion'...had me thinking about steak.