Only One Way That Can Be Interpreted

His silence.
It is deafening.

What should it be? '

It should be RAGE!

'He appears calm.
And quite happy to me.'

But why?

'Is there any particular reason,
Why his demeanor makes you upset? '

Me? Upset?
Not at all.
I am just concerned for his well-being.

'I see.
Perhaps he is aware of your concerns,
And has decided not to have you see him...
Fight his adversaries publicly.
I approach my life in a similar way.'

You do? Hmmm.
It would help me immensely,
If he expressed outwardly more rage.

'I am beginning to see what you mean very clearly.
If he expressed outrage and disgust,
You would feel better about yourself.
Maybe you should try something else to do.'

You have no idea how I have tried just about everything.
Everything humanly possible.
But he still refuses to pay me attention.
Something is wrong with him.
And he has made it much more difficult,
Since he has stopped attending church.

'Oh wow!
There is only one way that can be interpreted.'

By the way,
Which church do you belong?
Which religious affiliation are you committed?

'I don't discuss politics or my personal interests.
I prefer to keep my beliefs to myself.'

I don't believe this. Another one?
You should be OUTRAGED.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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