Only One Way To Be Free.

I only have one way to be free.
My way to be free is suicide.
Im done with life.
Im done with pain.
I dont see another way.
I've lost my desire to stay.

I only have one way out of this mess.
My life didnt have a good start.
I was hurt from the very start.
From as early as I can remember.
Abuse was all I had.

Only now I know there is only one way.
One way to get out of this living hell.
Im done with pain.
Done with hurt and done with life.
For pain hurt and life I can no longer take.
I only have one way left.
My suicide

by Amy Kerswell

Comments (3)

nice and strong poem.......but suicide is not the solution of anything sis., try to be strong........ Prayers are very powerful, PRAY TO JESUS CHRIST REGULARLY... Happy New Year..... Gaurav
very intense. well written piece. i hope you can overcome this. good luck with your future.
Beautifully written. I am 16, and I have had... let's just say a rough life and I've learned if you love yourself things will work out. And one other thing, everything happens for a reason and maybe the things that happened to you made you the beautiful poet you are today. peace and love brysha mull PS write me some time if your bored