Only Praises

Poem By Robert Edgar Burns

What are the only type of words
That should flow from your lips today?
If you want to bolster and strengthen her
Then only praises should be what you say!

Too many men can open mouths
While attempting to obtain a laugh,
And within earshot of others
Belittle and talk quite crass.

And who do you think is the butt of their jokes
In their obnoxious demeaning ways?
It’s the one who they are bonded too
Who deserve only heartfelt praise.

When I hear a man or even a group
Making fun of their dear wives.
I excuse myself and walk away
Before I punch them in their eyes.

Sure, when I was young I fell in the trap
Of trying to get some attention,
Puffing up my pride by making fun of my bride,
It was a critically sore invention.

Her tears brought me pain
And a whole lot of shame,
And I realized just who I was hazing!
A wise man you see had come unto me
And taught me the value of praising!

So all you men out there had better beware
Not to batter your wives with words.
For if you do I swear unto you
I will label you all as big turds!

When you gave her your ring
You received a great thing.
The apple of some daddy’s eye.
If you only speak unto her praises
Your joy will become your great prize!

Wherever you place your treasure
There is your heart found too!
If you favor your love with praises,
More treasure will then shower you!

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