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Only She Could See It
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Only She Could See It

She was forever scarred
Eventhough he didn't leave a mark
She could feel it
If she tried hard enough she could even see it

He was a lasting memory
One she prayed would leave
Every night before she went to sleep she'd pray
'God please let me get some disease one that will rid me of all these horrible memories.'

She carried the scars with her everywhere
It showed on her face
You could see it in her eyes
It covered every space
She was filled with disgrace

Behind every smile there was a frown
A single tear dropp struggling to break free
If it reaches the surface she'd finally be free
Free of the tension bearing this secret brings

A secret that is not her own
She had no choice
She did as she was told and obeyed her elders
He took advantage yet she was living as a prisoner

A prisoner to a lie
A lie that she was told to carry on
One she would soon begin to believe

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amazingly written, well done