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Only Souls Hit The Orbit

Don't pore your tears- ailing ego groping Erebus,
Don't Lo your fears-prevailing every stop before your terminus,
Multitude in solitude -The Ark to go is ready,
The East spread crimson hope flame -sail,
Hail Caesar we are not to die we Heaven claiming altitude,
How beautiful this dawn at cosmic height!
The foe is an outcry of anger silent, giddy,
Blood-thirsty gnashing teeth -the violence is foiled,
Don't mint infallible your sighs relief gold, silver coined -
Short of change the gluttony payload public soon-
The passengers not taken- only human level
Exceed the beast persistent grasp-
When whim perverted met him last?
The shadow insatiable sensation ego harnessing farewell,
Trace readings elements of mercy can't place them anyway,
The stash - carcasses, souls of no more-mortuary spare parts for sale,
The hatred shuttle is relevant to fail-
Transcend all moribund clay sinful, perishable, nevermore
And ascend to the Earth of the Future theme park of forevermore-
Only souls hit the Orbit.

note-Erebus Greek myth god of darkness dwelt in underworld, son of Chaos...


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