Only The Best Memories

It was a Saturday morning and all my thoughts were about football
I got to the Notre Dame game and went immediatley to the student section
And of course I had my Irish wig on being the ND fan I was
Every touchdown would be a new round of high fives
Felling the sweat of the cheerleaders as I was on their in the middle of the game
Looking into the stands and seeing nothing but blue and gold
Being a Notre Dame fan never really gets old
Roar, the crownd goes wild as the Fighting Irish put another win in the books
The team comes over to salute the students
Sitting front row I couldn't have a better view, I could see like an eagle
Right as I turned the best player gave me his glove
I was as happy as a kid at his first birthday party, unbelievable.

by Luke Gallagher

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