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Only The Fear Of

Have you ever felt the World is against you that the gods are not on your side
And only the fear of death keeps you from ending your life in suicide
There are millions if not billions of people in Countries and towns and cities Worldwide
Who everyday do feel suicidal when their dreams of success are destroyed
But it is the fear of death keeps them living the fear of the post death unknown
If there is a god that god is for the wealthy since the wealthy they are of god's own
You are very poor though you once aspired to be wealthy but your losses became others gain
Why so many grow poorer for one to become very wealthy does seem way beyond me to explain
But it is the fear of death that keeps people living though they may be as poor as the word can be
Since anybody has not come back from the dead of an afterlife for to tell you of then of the fear of death you cannot live free
You have often thought of death by suicide but your fear of dying makes you want to live on
Though you are as poor as a church mouse and your happier days are in the long gone
The will to live in you is far stronger than the great fear that you feel of death
And you will live on till the life's Reaper claims you and you will fight for your last living breath.

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Perhaps covering your bases for death is what keeps some on the right.