Only The Rhythm

Swingin’ Safari blocks the invasive voice
while words flow in a new motion through
the air as alternative scientists formulate:

The third Earth motion (wobble) does exist
as an observable phenomenon - but not as
axial movement relative to the Sun - as the

Independent axial movement’s limited to a
nutational nodding and Chandler wobble &
it’s negligible when compared to precession

See line nine, with this rhyme I’m stymied
staring at these things hypnotised by the
way these savants speak: but the lunisolar

Model in an equinoctial year works best for
calculating position of stars, quasars, and
other extra solar system phenomena – this

Rhyme of stars and quasars caught my eye
now I don’t move for a while as the meaning
does not matter, only the rhythm of the line

by Margaret Alice Second

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