(July 30,1967 / Subic, Philippines)

Only The Silent Serenity

M-idnight mist has turned
I-nto a clear open air;
C-old chill has turned warm,
H-appy day is beyond compare.
E-asterly wind gently blows,
L-onely night has passed by;
L-ong darkness disappears,
E-arly light shines in the sky.

T-wilight has just turned
I-nto dawn breaking brightly;
B-eneath the heaven above,
U-nder the Lord God Almighty.
R-ain stops from falling,
C-louds melt up high;
I-nclement clime turns fine,
O-ne new hope will never die.

E-vening shadows slowly fade,
C-ool breeze brings freshness;
L-ife is indeed beautiful,
A-pril seventh proves no less.
R-ough ocean has turned
I-nto calm or smooth sea;
N-either storm nor big waves,
O-nly the silent serenity.

by Bernard F. Asuncion

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