(january 7,1960 / manila)

Only Time Can Tell

'You are standing
right in front of me
at first there was nothing
but as time went on
a conversation started
between us
and you are so helpful then
that I was so thankful
you happened to be
there for me

it took a while
before I realized
that I was infatuated with you
all of a sudden
I want to know more
about you
from the way you smiled
the way you talked and moved
you seemed to take
everything away

when we separated
I was not able to get your number
I was not able to get anything
all I have was hope
that you will be back
after a few days
when we will get our papers
on the appointed time
but you never came
and I was not able to see you

only time can tell
if we'll see each other again
you have become
a part of me
without you knowing it
I kept dreaming
what would my life be
if we have that chance
to see each other again
only time can tell.'

by Jesus Diaz Llorico

Comments (1)

What a beautiful love poem. If love is true here there is no force in the earth that will keep both of you separated for long. Very nice. Deserved 10+++