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Only Time Can Tell
S ( / NYC)

Only Time Can Tell

I can’t believe this
I know that if I stay here
it will cost me my life
for I know I will not be able to survive
I will lose all control
ending my life
I realize if I wanna live on
I must escape
go I am so trapped though
problems keep popping up around me
problems of those around me
I fight their battles instead of mine
I fight back their fears
as my life starts to fade from within
I solve their daily dilemmas
well I should be fighting my own battle
the one for my life
and my sanity
but I always choose to fight others
before mine
it doesn’t matter how unimportant theirs could be
I always put them first
and myself last
if I do not stop
I will no longer be able to survive
for I will lose my battle
for it has gone on well I was helping others
and I am losing ground
and fast
even if i return
and stan my ground
will i ever be able to grain all that i lost
will i be able to win my battle
only time can tell

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Time tells on every one