Only Time Will Tell

Only time will tell, the nature of your heart,
If the fire will grow or if it'll depart;
Whether your love will stay or whether it'll grow cold,
If I'll have to face the night or if the day'll be restored.

Only time will tell, the fruit of my dedications;
The chilling nights, my painful endurance.
The aching elbows of a weakening heart,
The refusal to hate, giving indifference no part.

Only time will tell if you're able to love;
Capabilities apart, if you're willing to give.
Far be it to anyone something that behoves,
Rather like life, an invaluable gift.

For love is grace; it is void of reason.
And so shall I remain and my heart shall stay
And healing shall burst forth in the coming season,
O' how joyful I'll be when love comes my way

by Imdauel Blah

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