Only Time Will Tell

He watched her from afar,
It was utter madness but she unknowingly
Kept his heart beating every day.
This needed to stop, he knew.
Yet once again he would find himself lost
In her impossibly blue eyes.
She was perfect in every sense of the word.
She was his everything yet she did not know it.
This was forbidden,
This was dangerous,
Selfish, he would think. I'm being selfish.
Yet he could not forget about her.
Perhaps it was his imagination playing tricks on his heart,
But he could not help thinking,
That everytime they smiled at each other,
Or walked by each other,
And he felt that beautiful internal bliss,
Maybe, just maybe,
She felt it too.

by Jessica... ...

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I had the very same feeling yesterday...and my wife turned around and looked at me.
No sense of the word you pen can bring about such delight Thanks