Only With Love

For a over a year we were a permanent fixture, a blank canvas before you paint a picture.
Barely enough determination to wake, because there was nothing at stake. A sadness so deep, we just wanted to sleep. Nothing to plan, nor to navigate, led to a hopeless state.
Minutes felt like an eternity, days felt like years….I couldn't stop the tears….
It must have been God who gave us the tiniest of fight, so that we could see just a little light. We held on by fingertip, not enough strength for an entire grip.
There was no pride, we would rather hide, but we had to look into the other's eyes, & there were no lies. So we set out to face our truth, hand in hand, to help the other stand.
It hasn't been easy but we found gratefulness in every day, which gave us a reason to stay.
Life is a test, and you have to do your best. You must have faith in the above, but most importantly you must have LOVE!

by Janice Karp

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