Only You

I don’t know where I’ve found your touch
I don’t know when I’ve understood you miss me much
But I’ve gave all my life which was unfair
And if I’ll lose tomorrow, I don’t care …

You are my dream and I’m afraid to let you go
How could I want you more now? I don’t know …
The waves of my ocean are caressing your eyes
You are filling my life only with your smiles

Your moon is blue today because I’m still around
Don’t try to go away, the love could not be found!
I made you a promise: I’ll never cry again
But if you will forget me just say it... if you can …

When you are not with me I lose myself today
My love for you is something which brights your way
I don’t know how I’ve lived without you before
You gave me your heart... how could I want you more?

(31 mai 2005)

by Mariana Eftimie Kabbout

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