BIM (5-30-76 / Tennessee)

Only You

This seclusion that only you surrounds me.
I am frail and cold laying on the floor..
Shaking uncontrollably as I hear loud echoes of your voice saying
'come find me when you need me...'
Your voice, the voice that has filled me many times before with warmth and comfort now runs rampant thru me like the icy cold blood runs in my veins.
I'm fading in the distance..My mouth feels swollen by the thieves who have tried over and over to rip my beautiful smile off my face. But I would not let them.
No matter the anger no matter the hurt, I put it on display for you.
Kicked by angry words that fly from your mouth and penetrate my skin like angry daggers have left me bleeding on the cold hard floor.
Lest I hear my heart used to beat for you..
thump thump
thump thump cries for the one who said he would always be there..
The one whose last words to me were..
'come find me when you need me'.

too late now. my heart just died on the floor.

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