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Onslaught Of A Spartan Queen
HDP (1977-11-04 / South Africa)

Onslaught Of A Spartan Queen

Poem By Helgard du Preez

You are playing chess with my heart
Your adroit tactics puts Kasparov to shame
Mastery of deceit puts you in the hall of fame
You lurch me in with your acerbic tactics


All I wanted was to be your knight
With a buckler and a falchion
Ready for a blitz on a set stallion
Vitiated by your cunning moves
Perturbed by your fearless echelon
The snares you've set has nurtured my scorn


Another smell of defeat stares me in the eye
As you swiftly maneuver my way
Playing me like a bated pawn
You make me bleed with your persistent sword
My scattered blood is stained across the board


Like a coward I'm backing down
As I watch your sadistic smile swooping towards the crown
Your superior mastery stifles my ways
On a stone engraved castle rests the last of my days


A moment of terror is shortened by a truce
Check again, Queen!
You took the bait
My revenge is sweet, it’s stalemate!

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Helgard, relationships can be like a chess match... sometimes we have to be content with a stalemate! Cool poem! Brian