SH (01 may 1962 / U.S.A.)


Don't we all wonder, remotely
- in ways we cannot even fully understand -
'What's this all about? '
Age has invaded our mind
and hearts.
Onward we march.
Life has invaded our spirits
and souls.
As onward we march.
The future flows right on past
behind us.
And yet onward we march.
Living is a passing glance
a long goodbye.
Onward we march.
Where we are bound
no eye has seen
no tongue can tell
no mind does fathom.
Still onward we march.
On the trail of time lost
we take the exit to eternity.
Ever onward we march.
Do we wonder
what a wonder it is
that we're marching into?
We should.
We shall.
We are.
Through it all, onward we march.

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Excellent poem...and so true to it's word....a wonder many of us feel deep inside as we go through this thing called life. Each journey is it's own work of art....and each one shares a part.
Congratulations Smoky Hoss! such a nice poem, for which I had commented earlier. Onward we march into the new and fresh territory, without fully understanding the changes we are going through..
There is no reverse gear in life. Congrats on poem of the day, Smoky. About time they gave the honor to an active member and a good poem
And onward. Let it not influence you, for such is the way of all life. Everything terrestrial will one day step into the unknown.
As I read this again I love the way it flows and the repetition of the phrase onward we march. You skillfully list the hardships life inevitably bring us, yet after each example of hardships or about the mysterious nature of life you remind us onward we march into the future. I guess this poem reveals that whatever existential questions you have or hardships we are facing, time continues and is the one constant, besides our eventual exit from this terrestrial realm. Yet why must we all face these hardships; aging, worry? What does it all mean? We may never know but this poem gets you thinking more deeply on it.
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