Don't we all wonder, remotely
- in ways we cannot even fully understand -
'What's this all about? '
Age has invaded our mind

by Smoky Hoss Click to read full poem

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Excellent poem...and so true to it's word....a wonder many of us feel deep inside as we go through this thing called life. Each journey is it's own work of art....and each one shares a part.
Congratulations Smoky Hoss! such a nice poem, for which I had commented earlier. Onward we march into the new and fresh territory, without fully understanding the changes we are going through..
There is no reverse gear in life. Congrats on poem of the day, Smoky. About time they gave the honor to an active member and a good poem
And onward. Let it not influence you, for such is the way of all life. Everything terrestrial will one day step into the unknown.
As I read this again I love the way it flows and the repetition of the phrase onward we march. You skillfully list the hardships life inevitably bring us, yet after each example of hardships or about the mysterious nature of life you remind us onward we march into the future. I guess this poem reveals that whatever existential questions you have or hardships we are facing, time continues and is the one constant, besides our eventual exit from this terrestrial realm. Yet why must we all face these hardships; aging, worry? What does it all mean? We may never know but this poem gets you thinking more deeply on it.
Great poem! Masterfully written. This focuses on a question, as a secular individual, I rarely put much thought into. Mainly because there is no way, as a man of science, that I can or ever will be able to answer this question. The Abrahamic religions answers don't satisfy me, but I have experienced the healing power of Eastern medicine, and have had my own spiritual, if you may, experiences through love and romance (is that just dopamine) , hiking up a steep trail to capture a photograph of a sunset gilding a valley (or is that just endorphines and serotonin) . This poem is simply a question, but still is elegantly written and I'm afraid I'll never really have an answer.
onward we march with hope, there is always surprise and flop, onward we march..Smoky Hoss...Thank you for sharing such a nice poem
Do we wonder What a wonder is.... Just love the positive flow in your words. How we just have to take what is thrown at us and keep on marching. Thank You Smoky
“Through it all, onward we march. Onward...” Great poem Smoky.
Thought provoking poem. True, it is bit nebulous. Yet, let us march forward knowing that we all have a destiny at the end. Wonderful thinking. Thanks for sharing.
We march onwards, braving all obstacles on our way, never pausing and never looking back on the trail of time until we merge in eternity! ! Beautiful write! !
That`s all we can do, march onward and hope.so well stated.
Marching onward and wondering why-but ours is not to reason why-excellent poem, it's one of those that start me thinking.
A fantastic poem, I think we all wonder at some point what it's all about.
None of us know where we are heading to, we can only speculate, Great write.
I guess we should look for the one that reads-NO EXIT.A vivid, somewhat startling telling of our scramble through life's jungle-truthful to the end-a10