Secret Valentine & When Seeing A Flaw & Name Is Safe

To My Secret Valentine

I listen to the whispers in
the evening air, imagining
they were sent by you, I
dive into the velvet waters

of the swimming pool,
imagining it is your embrace
I feel, shivering with delight
in the soft caresses

of a lovely summer breeze
and make-believe that I
am touching you, I read
some messages stealthily

and pretend that they were
sent by you, I watch the sun
set slowly, cloaking clouds
in pastel colours

pretending that it is a
special moment to be
shared with you…

When Seeing A Flaw Within Me

My secret love gave me a gift;
never holding a grudge or a
negative thought; such is his
gift to me

My secret love minds beauty,
keeping himself happy; when
seeing a flaw within me, he
never mentions it

Turning away from unpleasant
things, never mentioning
anything that isn’t
pleasing to him

My secret love has a positive
attitude towards himself and
me, remaining connected
to Core Energy

My secret love is a sweet
influence in my reality,
creating opportunities
to flow radiant joy to me

My secret love develops the
imaginative faculty, talking
about what’s coming
and how much fun

It will be – for ever and ever…

Your Name Is Safe In Their Mouth

The day broke into a million pieces,
the golden sunshine is wasted on us,
the curse that covered the weekend
encroached on today, hurtful comments
regarding people long dead, can’t make
amends for the things that I said

Levity falling flat on its face, humans
in groups is a bad attribute; Edgar Cayce
suffered so much because helping people
is the most dangerous deed there can be,
rather be self-sufficient unto thy self;
NEVER interfere with other people

Cayce should not have helped others
and suffered rejection, he should only
have cared for his loved ones and
written his memoirs for a few hermits
and me, people in a group always
refuse to see truth

Beyond mainstream consensus, Cayce
painfully learnt evidence can’t convince
people at all, all eye-witness accounts
are lost without sanction of church and
convention, let humanity be, look for joy
in your own individuality

Be a light unto yourself, go for love as
defined by two to eight-year olds: 'When
someone loves you, the way they say
your name is different. You just know
your name is safe in their mouth.'

by Margaret Alice

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