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Onward, Through The Unbreakable Barrier
JH (May 29,1998 / Windsor, ON Canada)

Onward, Through The Unbreakable Barrier

Poem By Jamal Hamadani

Do you have the will to run on through
When you know everything will hurt you
And bring you down and bring out your frown
In this situation
Do you know what you'll do
I do
You'll hide
Because you cannot stand beside
The truth

If you knew what it felt like
To get yelled at and left behind
You would understand my frustration
I want to fit in
Please take me in
And it was that moment where I realized
Why I always cried
Or always whined
It was at that time

I tried to fit in when I knew I didn't belong
All along I knew
But I didn't turn around
I stayed on that path
And yes
It did make me sad
And with every passing day
I did get more mad
More disappointment over hate
I couldn't find any way to appreciate
I felt like I wanted to punch an unbreakable wall
To see how it would end

I spend my time running around
Acting like I'm part of a crowd
When really inside, I know it's just me
But I wouldn't have it any other way
You see I am me
And if someone feels I am a disgrace
That is absolutely fine with me

Guardian of my world
Do me one last favour
Can you answer my prayer
Where do I belong
Where am I supposed to run
Help me

Let me see what I couldn't all these years
Let me get rid of all these tears
And get over my most frightening fears
Let me lean on your shoulder
Don't guide me but please hide me from the outer world
I want to stay within your grasp
Hide me
Disguise me

I will disappear
Because as soon as I thought the pain had gone away

It Found Me

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An insightful piece of poetry, well articulated and nicely penned with conviction. Thanks for sharing Jamal.