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Onwards, Ho!
NS (18th September / India)

Onwards, Ho!

Poem By Niraj Srivastav

Clad in armour, Fate betrayed,
Points of steel with the morning rays,
I search for Glory, yonder ho,
I must not stop, Onwards ho!

Tide and Triumph, once hand in hand,
Like lurking shadows, pass me by,
Impeded not by Fear or Fate,
I march, the Victor, step by step!

Leaving the fiery Red behind,
I push towards the Golden Light,
Against the Winds, like a kite,
I rise and soar, Onwards ho!

From the ruins of my hopes,
Lunges forth an iron will,
And having run my foes aground,
It brightens up the Golden Sky!

Death and Fear, are far behind,
The Victor's trumpet call I hear,
Once more the jangle of swords unchained,
Clamour for the Victor's gains!

With lances high, and pennants bright,
We seek the strife, yonder ho,
Destiny and Doubt, both stand aside,
We march for Glory, Onwards ho!

Sorrow is for fools, I say,
Disaster is but just another Day,
My head, unbowed, unconquered still,
I fight, and Win, Forever ho!

Forth, Forth, and Onwards ho! !

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