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Oona And Milo
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Oona And Milo

Poem By Tamara Beryl Latham

Oona cast a rose upon the sea
Milo stood as an Apollo god
His robes of velvet flowed below his knees
And with his hands, he captured lightning rods
Milo was a warrior of strength
Oona was his lovely princess fair
Her hair was golden and quite long in length
Yet, had a copper hue which was so rare
Milo watched as Oona swam the waters
"She was so like a mermaid", he did think
"As regal as one of Aphrodite's daughters"
But then, he noticed Oona start to sink
Milo dove for Oona from the cliff
His hands were clumsy and as cold as ice
Poor Oona slipped just beyond his grip
And Milo mourned his greatest sacrifice
If you ever venture near the sea of love
You may hear Oona sing the sweetest tune
You may see Milo, peaceful as a dove
Or, you may see Milo baying at the moon

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