Open Arms

There comes a time ina persons life, when they have to make a decision
to face their responsibilities head on like a real man or woman does
on a one day at a time basis.
The person who has made this decision did so after a painstaking process
of real long and hard thinking of what would be the best solution for all
of the parties considered hoping that he would not cause the parent too
much sadness or sorrow, for she is a very important part of his life,
right now he hopes, that she can hold him close with open arms.
It is not the fact that she has lost a son, she has gained a
granddaughter, and a possible daughter-in-law in the future.
Having open arms does not mean that you care or love this person any less,
it means that you have accepted the fact that it is time for them to
leave the nest and stretch out their own wings and soar high on their own.

by John Overman

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