DT (07/03/89 / Thomasville, Ga)

'Open Door'

From our deepest wounds come our wettest tears
From great test and trials we meet our worst fears
To live is to die
To die is to live
We take on our cross
And then become healed
But not for just healing
But are hearts restored
On our way to search a love unexplored
Releasing all offense
At no expense
Coming to the cross yet again
Being saved is being filled
It’s more than just being distilled
Like water without the bad
It’s time to give up what we never had
Loosing our pain from our reign
Giving it to Jesus who will only bring gain
How wretched we are
Us wicked things
The bridegroom’s beloved called human beings
Letting go of the poisonous past
And putting on a cast around what truly matters and not just what flatters
Being content with what we don’t believe
Staying in a room where He can’t be seen
Not going down that road
No not anymore
I’m on my way
On a journey
To find the open door
Healing for the hidden hurts
That’s what I ask
Wholeness …with a past

~Devin Tudor
Copyright 2008

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