Open Eyes

Home holds no security for me anymore.
What was once my escape is now my prison cell.
I was silent; eyes closed to the host overpowering you.
Now my eyes are open; I've found my voice and despise the monster I see in you.
You ignore me, yet fight over my affection.
Biased and hypocritical are your actions and words.
You are nothing but a child quivering in a closet underneath all of your macho-man ego.
I refuse to partake in your negativity.
Stop trying to bring me down on your suicidal plummet.
That high you once felt and crave day to day can never be reached again.
Are you scared I'll be like you?
Give in to the monster that still controls you?
You're losing those closest to your heart.
I will volunteer to be the first to walk out.
If I get out now, maybe I'll have a chance to heal the scars and still open wounds you have inflicted on me.
But then again, the monster will always control you.
You will always succumb to it's needs; wants; desires; craves.
If you were a man, you aren't anymore.
Blind to everyone but the monster...
Oh how I loathe it!
Take your stupid vice.
It has already taken over the man I once loved.

by Isabella Night

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Isabella, Very nice write, i read it twice to make sure i got the entire gist of it and it was truly enjoyable. today is my first day on this site and i am trying to get used to navigating, but i will add you to my favs. as i wish to read more of you! ! Barbie