JL (March 19,1994 / California)

Open Hearted, Broken Hearted

everything has to have a beginning
and everything has to have an end
I struggle to keep my heart open
something always closes it again

can anyone tell me why I feel so hopeless?
when a part of me wants to lay down and die
but another section of my soul continues to tell me
that it owns happiness it just can't defy

the summer has drawn all the curtains back
and the breeze comes in just in time
I try so hard to say something beautiful
to create another clever rhyme

I used to think that you were good for me
I breathed in dust I was not able to see
now roses fall down at my feet, I hear applause
but with the audience, I can't agree

well, for someone who's supposed to be so grateful
I sure have a hell of a lot of regret
it built up inside me from better days
that haven't come back around yet

and it's so sad to see you stumble
because in truth it was me that you sold
for something that you later found out
you can't have, and you can't hold

but I don't blame you for not wanting to love a girl
who's always believed that she is so torn
when there are so many people who have better reasons
for wishing that they had never been born

so now I dare to say, in retrospect,
that you were my biggest mistake
I've done so many things for nothing
like all of the promises I had to break

you showed me that love can be a weapon
it has to be treated with respect
and if there is ever blame for anybody's pain
it should be put upon my constant neglect

everything has to come to a close sometime
so our sad little lives can begin again
I'll try my best to keep my heart open
won't somebody please come in?

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This is a heartbreaker... I wish you happiness... Lee