Open Hearts Are The Soul Of The World

Regret not for now the world’s forgetting
In living awe for the sun in setting
Embrace the all, the one, your god.

Seek him in the eyes of the blind.
Find him in the strength of the weak.
Devouring eternity in an instance
Regurgitating – rejuvenating
Breaking the boundaries of tunnel realities

Open hearts are the soul of the world.

I have been as I have seen
The breathing blue beyond the green
The soaring serpent, shining white
The wingless dragon, black as night.

Can you sense within the seasons shifting
The gift of life, all rivers drifting?

The days they wash away the hours
This life of mine, this life of ours
This life is as a mothers kiss
A comfort lost, a frozen bliss.

Impulse - Instinct.

Extinct in this world of plastic smiles.

Come dance with me a while
Come dance a roman mile.

I beg of you
Come dance with me.
Set illusion free.

I beg of you
Come dance with me
Dance divine reality.

by David Lacey

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