Open Night

Poem By Sarah Eve

What’s the point in salivating expiration dates?
What’s the meaning in the feeling of these wasted days?
What is the purpose that is lurking in the trees behind their eyes?

You say it’s freedom’s face
I say impossible
I’m possibly
the most severe critic you’re ever to meet

Empty heartfelt moments
A play, a cabaret
Is this too fake?
Can we shake it off
And take it off
And chase these moments
Straight into the ground?

Dig no grave for these resolutions
As long as malleable solutions
remain on wing tipped tongues
And fervent breaths sigh into
Entangled bodies
And simultaneous lungs

I piece this together
Sit inside of it…
The thought of everyday.
Believe it to conceive it
This pregnant pause…
Give birth to your inhibitions
So that they might stand alone and apart
from self-perceptions

This looking glass
I see the reflection of myself inside your eyes
Let it in or let it go
This silent show
Applause comes fierce and gentle shiver
In the open night.

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