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Open Them
(28 October / Lucknow (U.P.) India)

Open Them

Poem By Mahfooz Ali

Open them, open them
let the light shine,
Release the binds
of chains and twine.

Let spirit run free
let mind open its doors,
free of slavery
no more hard work and chores.

Perceive a life
with happiness and joy,
Equality and freedom
for every one.

Desire to be a part of it,
and now is opportunity to do so,
May express feelings
during the period
unlock window.

Run, fly, swim,
enjoy, delight in pleasure,
Reveal the beauty
The windows of Freedom encourage to treasure...

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Comments (8)

Equality and freedom.
Very refreshing. Thanks for sharing.
A Lover of Liberty can write such poem..Love has no barriers,it is born free.
Good inspirational write...i liked the highly expressive line- 'desire to be a part of it'...10
the windows of freedom...where the poets souls can soar..free un chained poem with flying wings...10+++