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Open To Bare All
( / Connecticut)

Open To Bare All

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Take away everything I have,
Except that which I need...
To know just Your love,
To keep this yearning for You fed!
All else I can shed!

GOD! Please...
May I at least keep the sox?
I must admit,
A commitment with You
Can leave one stripped,
And open
To bare my heart in public view!
I know You would not have it any other way!
But today...
Could we make this a testament,
Of my willingness to pursue a trial run?
For giggles and fun?
I 'think' I am ready but...
Still I find myself uptight,
With some blemishes and quite a few flaws!
Keeping me sometimes awake at might!

I want to project 'my' best!
Even though I know...
I could never manipulate Your perception!

You will give it a try!
Hoping My ears AND eyes,
Are sometimes closed?
Although baring all is what 'you' propose!
You have yet to realize...
How much I know,
That may someday be to you completely exposed! '

Even in prayer,
I hear other voices!

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