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Open Up
JC (6-19-90 / Omaha, NE)

Open Up

I'm tired of looking
And not being able to touch you
I have that bad habit
So sad,
how I constantly can't have you
All I want to do is hug you tight
But you don't know how I feel
(I wish you did)
I think you would want me back too
This would take a chance
Something I'm scared at taking
When you hugged me I almost got scared
But you're arm around me was just enough
I felt so comfortable
(I'm not normally like that)
I'm complicated and rude
Still you're my friend
You said we have developed a 'friend thing',
What happens when I want more?
What happens when I tell you I want to be with you?
To be honest you're just my type
Not like the previous
You're that emo kid around the corner
That everyone thinks they know everything about
But really know nothing at all
(I know so much about you)
The thing is,
I'm not going to put myself out there
like most girls that you tell me are hot
(I hate it when you like another girl
it makes me feel like I'm not good enough)
When you're depressed I know how you feel
We both have the same suicidal habits
No matter how much people tell me you're weird
Or just 'so gross'
They only say that because they don't know you
If only they knew you like I do
They'd know how harmless you are
Somehow I think we could survive,
Just you and me,
Those emo kids and that everyone hates
because they know everything and nothing about.

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