Open Up

People are constantly telling me that I should speek my mind

So why does everyone fall silent when I do?

People try to tell me that I need to communicate with them.

So why do they shut me up the minute that I try to?

I know i go out and buy shoes a size too big for my feet, but you know, They're comfortable... and that's all I truely care about.

If I choose to speak my mind about something, don't tell me when or how. And don't judge me if I'm comfortable enogh to open up to you.

Because I trust you, with all my heart. Please do not take advantage.

by Jena Colvin

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It must be a Colvin 'thing', buying shoes and when speaking your mind, people shut up for a second then talk over you! I get that too. Great, Paul - namesake - Colvin.