Open Up Your Mind

Inflicted with false understanding
right from birth
Cradled in insecurity and
Childhhood shrouded in
teachers of half truths

Imagination stifled by

the foolishness of man

How hard it is to understand?
When will man's eyes be open
when will he see what is really
before his eyes?

We hold such a magnificent power
We control these innocent minds
feeding them with our own
lack of knowledge

If we would all dig deep
into the soul of all belief
buried inside us

We would see a different way
a more powerful way
One that would change the world

The truth that was ours by birth right
We would see that all thought
becomes energy
We would teach this to our children

Show them how to manifest wealth
of spirit, health and abundance
We would become a very powerful people
if only we ourselves had been taught
how simple it really is

But instead we fixate on the false illusions
the lack of understanding and the pain
of a world torn by a emotional distrust
Thanks to the lack of faith and belief
in our own super powers

by Janice M Pickett

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