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Open Ur Eyes And Realize!

Why is it so difficult to follow our religion,
yet so easy to be lost in world's vision,
which is also one of God's invention,
we owe to God all our possessions,
then why not to be thankful to Him..
for all his blessings, all his creations,
inspite of knowing that world is temporary,
to make his own life, everyone is in hurry,
no thinking for dead, no thinking for the end,
remember man is no more than a statue of sand,
then why to involve in mundane affairs,
who listen to him, only for those God cares,
its yet not too late to repent,
and realise prophets' messages tht were sent,
for our good, for our well being,
so its the time to change our thinking,
rely on God only, in all times,
for help in ur problems and ur worries,
this is the message Quran carries,
so be intelligent and wise,
soon, the benefit you'll relalize!
by shireen raza

by shireen raza

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