Open Well.

Digging an open well
In rock strata of earth
A difficult job always
Still there are open wells
The man digs in necessity.

In summer heat they digs
Sweated, and suffered
The heat, unbearable heat
Still pick axes in actions.

Carrying the debris to up
Through pulleys and pressures
The great effort they makes
An open well life ambition
Drinking water in purity of nature.

Nature forms the earth
Through several scientific terms
The hardness in upper layer
Slowly changes after going down
Changes are mysteries
Not predictable always.

Digging a well in hard rock
Strenuous efforts always
The effort of labor in unison
They makes wonders in rocks.

Going so deep near the water spring
The happiest day they approaches
The owner and beneficiary of the well
Joins the happiness, finding the water
In the deep of the new well.

Drinking water, the most precious
Service of labor of digging wells
Their efforts to be highlighted.

by Gangadharan nair Pulingat..

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