Open Window

I see an open window
But I can't see the other side
What is there I'm missing
Or do I have it now
I see an open window
Opened very wide
There's a girl with a boy
Having the time or their life
Trying to see their faces
But the Lights to bright
Still I can make out his face
It's you on the other side
But who is she
Playing and having fun
You two on the other side
But I'm in here alone
On the other side
It's darker here
I can hardly see
But I still wonder who is she
I remember you and I
Just like you and her
Having the time of our lives
Playing and laughing on the other side
I still remember you
But from what I can see
You don't remember me
A smile on your face
It's just you and her now
But who is she?

by Bianca Lauren

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