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Open Window

Oh my what is that I see but a open window before me.
As I pass I couldn't help but to see the open window for
all to see.

I couldn't help but to stop for the sight I saw
made me come to a halt. A family of three sat without
knowledge of me. The voyeur in me just wouldn't let me
be. My heart raced but I could not turn my face for in
the family of three there was one person whom seemed
out of place who is she filling that space.

In that next moment before I could move from my space
the person whom was out of place met the view of my face,
in that moment I could not tell you the horror that took place.
For the face that looked out was but my own looking back.

So be clear of the fear in my tone that you hear I want
this realization to be clear.

For metaphorically you see the open window was the
misery in me, for me the truth you see, is I have always
felt not a part of me. My life I have always felt outside
of me.

The life I lead is for all to see, for all my life I have seen the
life I lead through the open window in me.

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