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Open Your Ears
LA (13/08/1990 / Melbourne, Australia)

Open Your Ears

The world is cruel.
The people are cruel.
And my eyes sting with tears.

I shed my tears.
I cry for the world.
And yet no one hears my words.

No one ever listens.
No one ever cares.
What of the starving children?
They are children.
Their voices need to be heard.

What of defenceless critters?
They almost whisper their cries.
But not so noisless we could not hear,
If we opened our ears.

What of mother earth?
She has been ever so kind.
And what habe we done?
We've destroyed her garden.

We are not as superior as we think.
We need to listen.
Open your ears.

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I like the sentiments of this poem but it is not so much cruelty as thoughtlessness that makes mankind uncaring about what we have done to the planet and how we treat our fellow creatures.