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Open Your Eyes

I am so tired of the treachery and all the lies
Please brother! Open up your own two eyes,
No woman should be so arrogant and so bold
For once be the man of your own household.
I am so sick and tired of you being lied to and used
She should be the one being judged and accused,
Don't believe in her stories because she is your wife
Remember, any person can read a Bible or carry a knife.
Think not with your heart, but instead with your brain
One will give you control while the other will drive you insane,
It is always good to forgive and to turn the other cheek
But, not if they always expect it only to make you gullible and weak.
I just wish to enlighten you about certain realities
Don’t you ever see the oddness and the abnormalities,
But, then it’s up to only you to realize or discover that something
And please don't keep your faith because of a child or a wedding ring.
I too once was lied to and cheated on by a spouse
That is when I found out that I wasn't the king of my very own house,
Love had closed my eyes to the truth, and the facts I would not believe
Then I realized that lies, sins, and deception anyone could weave.
You are my brother! Never do I want to see you used or hurt
Sometimes under the fingernails there is more there than just dirt,
Now think back, but not as a man, but as a boy in his youth
Then maybe someday your eyes will be finally opened up unto the truth.

Randy L. McClave

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Treachery! ! ! With the muse of life. Nice work.