Open Your Eyes

After the dusts of war settles on the battlefield
And the blood of our brothers on the ground conceal

What is left for what have we done
Who is the loser tell me who has won

Time after time we fight for the ultimate power
Only our existence in an instant we devour

Stop the fight and dismember the bombs
Let us all live in peace all together as one

What are we fighting for? Open your eyes and see
If we don’t stop this war To hell with us for eternity

We have the power now to turn our world to dust
Knock-off all the bullshit and have a little trust

Our lives are to short to worry if tomorrow will come
Let’s fight for each other let’s be free of the guns

Fight for the power of glory fight to save our land
We can be happy without blood on our hands

I’m just a singer in this hellhole with a song
Hoping all men can learn to live as one

by Aaron(AarionLee) Morris

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