A Snow-White Lily

Poem By Alfred Austin

His hand tightens as it relaxes,
and his power is fed by suffering and taxes.
The terror of his grip,
is squeezing the life out of 'His' people.
While the whole world stands and watches.
He has no shame, no compassion, he has no humanity, no sanity.

It is criminal to allow it to continue,
without some kind of intervention.
Why don't our Governments do something?
Please end the indifference to this crisis.
No one cares about Africa, people so poor they are forced to eat wood.
While we grow ever fatter on all our food.

Mugabe must go, go must he,
to allow Zimbabwe to be free.
To give their children a chance at life.
To have toys, not a gun and a knife.
A chance at life is everyone's right.
To live and to never be afraid.

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Comments about A Snow-White Lily

No Andrew we cherish that man's leadership and we always pray if God can give him more courage of telling people like you the truth, that what is in africa is not for those outside africa.Tell me not even one sigle foreign country mining in countries but it is your right to come and mine in africa for free accompanied by cheap if not free labour, those days are long gone, we have tasted total freedom because of this man called RG Mugabe and we pray to God that he blesses him more and more.
Many try to intervene but alas such evil needs a greater intervention. Thank you for your thoughts, shared and understood.

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