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''Opened Eyes''

As I see my two love ones fight I feel my soul split into two, not knowing which side to go,
I cant believe it took me 15 years to realize what wrongs was I doing to my mother,
I love her so much but the pain that she caused me blinded me of my true feelings for her, why cant these fights end, why must we always fight.
What do we gain by doing so, now its time for me to hold my ground and understand my mothers pain,
I had enough of this nonsense I will do what is the correct thing even though it gets frustrating,
I must give back something that I never seen that was given to me,
by this little adventure of life I had realize that hate will only take you to your souls destruction,
I thank the lord for opening my eyes,
and I promise to him and my mother my eyes will never be closed again.

I love you mother and I am greatly sorry for not paying close attention to you wisdom.

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