LR (November 23,1981 / Riverton, Wyoming)

Opened Mind ~ 11/05/2001

Massive confussion all around me.
My world solid as a rock one moment,
the next everything collapses like sand in an hour glass.
I feel all insanity is breaking loose around.
Change can be so drastic in our lives.
the death of one person, the birth of another.
Life is so unexplainable, why we kill, why we even breathe.
Growing up not knowing who you truely love until the unthinkable
I lay and realize what a fool I've been.
Those I gave a part of myself to, that I truely didn't love.
Those I truely loved that I turned my back on.
At last the one's I could of loved but they left a scar on my soul.
Tears a mere felling of regret and fear in the unbarable moments
of time.

This was my afterthoughts on how the 9/11 events made me look at life in a bit of a differnet perspective.

by Loretta Rowley

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