Opening The Door

I never did decide
to keep within the light I hide.
I never really chose to be
the man I now see in me.
I don't remember when
I lost the little boy within.
It was not me that said
I'll let innocence stay in bed.
But it happened anyhow
as times events
they shaped and bowed
the singing of my heart
and brightness sparkling
shining in the dark.
I can't remember when
I first wrote with a pen
and what I thought
way, way back then.
But I know for sure
I can unlock these
closed shut doors.
And step outside again.
just like I did before
I joined this world of men.

by David Taylor

Comments (2)

This is a little gem David. Definitely one of your best. The subject, the form and the style work a treat. Great work. love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
One to keep. Thank you