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Opening The Orifices Of Higher Peaks

In the university of verses and beliefs
We are but novices of the opera
In transit as stevedores knee-deep
constricted by the fable of Ithaca

In our nation of confluted devilishness
We climb the Everest of protagonists
Looking for the Rimsky-Korsakoff of the evergreen
Finding the Siberia of a classic photographic scene

Time is a period eliminating the duplicate.
We orbit in chi rho refusing the tremolo
Of competitive totemism and the shamanistic state
ascending the peaks entreating those below

To be not just tenants but agents
Or a new dimension providing the elements
Of quanta and steppes and an era with a finale
Beyond the gravity and amusement of Arachne

Thus we will be pioneers like the Greeks
Not just imagists or Eastmans
Reiterating the models of Romans
But flying white egrets opening the orifices of higher peaks


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Fun one! You seem schooled in lots of different fields. I know there's an expression for that, but can't think of what it is! Do have a joke for you: Did you hear about the crossword addict? when he died, he was buried 6 down and 3 across. -chuck