I never felt the world
Spin on its axis,
I never saw the blissful tapestry
Of glaciers melting-

I never tasted color,
Inhaled joy,
Or witnessed a flawless sound
Until I met you.

It's in the way your eyelids bat
So gently, feebly,
When I touch your face
And you breathe me in...

Or the spotlights shining in your eyes
That for once in my own
Shallow, pathetic existence
Place me in your center stage.

You make my life the
Grandest opera of the masters-
Every kiss a stanza
Held within the vignette of an embrace.

You alone are the conductor of my
Heart's orchestra,
High upon your perch
Holding my attention with a tap-tap-tap.

I will play any tune
You ever desire...
We shall write this story
For as long as we have breath-

A tale the world watches fervently,
Smiles, applauds,
Holding it all in pause
To spot the subtle twists...

This will end in silence.
They shall leave the auditorium behind us
Hushed, teary-eyed, wiser...
For the grandest love story of them all

Shall finally have been told.

by Tsani Jones

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A perfect love poem. I like it. Anjana