The Necessity Of Introspection To Achieve One's Goal!

If anything goes right or wrong, to know the truth,
The process of inner search of self is introspection;
The process to know the truth, analysis of inner self
Helps to get the answer so as to solve query of one!

Introspection helps to find truth so as to rectify
The drawback for going ahead in one's venture in life;
Without making introspective analysis what has made one
What one is good or bad can correctly be assessed at all!

Before deciding about future course of action of one,
Introspective thought is necessary to know the plus and
Minus points of one so that how one has to deal matters
To achieve something remarkable can be decisively known!

That is why it is said that one has to look before one
Makes a leap so that one can cross over pitfall to the end
Without fail and achieve the goal one has fixed to pocket
For making further strides in one's onward journey for sure!

by Ramesh T A

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Hair in flowing water is straightened.
Kim's comment is very true and in its clarity and simplicity does justice to the much wronged Ophelia. (I include Hamlet among those who grievously wronged her.) But I would like to think her suicide was neither planned nor conscious. I see her surrendering to the lure of the stream and scent of the flowers, not intentionally killing herself, but rather joining those sweet elements in nature with which she had more in common than with those conniving, self-centered, worldly people that make up the rotten court of Denmark. (And, much as I hate to say it, that includes Hamlet.)
Don't you get it, people? This is a poem about suicide. My locks are shorn for sorrow of love which may not be. [She has cut her hair because of love lost.] Oh, quieter and colder Is the stream; he will wait; When my curls touch my shoulder He will comb them straight. [The stream is quieter and colder and will wait for her. When she drowns herself, the water will take the curls out of her hair.]
A nice poem to read on the love in wait of a lady for her lover!
Optimistic lover who is under anxiety as shown by her unmade hair wish to meet a real love who would care for her. Nice poem