Opinions And Other Animals

Some people feel ill when they see the dead
Some feel ill at the sight of meat
I feel ill when I hear these words
“I don’t care, it wont effect me”

In life there is a thing called freedom
We take it for granted
And we take opinion with a pinch of stupid salt
There are people who get no opinion

Why must we forget those few
Why must we never care
For life
Or death

If God exists then who knows what he thinks
Of us
The few that care
You are abusing yourselves

With the drink you poison your minds
With the smoke you kill all you have
You abuse the thoughts
Raise your heads and see

Raise above and look
My generation look at the future
Will you give up this stupid way
Will you ever be free from your madness

And will you remember my words when all the oils gone
When all your money is gone and the drink is gone
Will you think back to these four lines
Well will you?

“When the time comes
Raise a glass to those long gone
The ones I speak of are your

by Matthew Routledge

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